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Arrest Warrants

Active warrants for your arrest can be issued for various reasons, and the constant looming threat of being taken into custody can cause immense stress. Whether you’ve missed a court date, failed to pay a fine, or have been linked to a criminal offense, turning yourself in is often the best course of action to address your active arrest warrant.

However, there are different approaches to handling this situation. You can choose to turn yourself in and pay the full bail amount, which can often be a substantial sum of money better spent on family expenses or a skilled defense attorney. Alternatively, you can opt to post a bond with Chapman’s Bail Bonds in Waco, Texas, allowing you to pay only a fraction of the bail amount and return home until your trial date.

Our team at Chapman’s Bail Bonds local to Waco, Texas is here to assist you, without judgment, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest warrant. With over 20 years in the bail bonds industry, we know the bail bond process and are committed to helping you spend more time outside of jail to focus on the complexities of your case.

Consequences of Having an Active Arrest Warrant

When a bench warrant is issued for your arrest, law enforcement may show up at your home or workplace at any moment. This not only leads to embarrassment but can also catch you unprepared to post bail and secure a timely release. Even if law enforcement is not actively pursuing your warrant, the stress of something as minor as being pulled over for a traffic violation can be overwhelming. Rather than enduring this stress, it’s advisable to reach out to one of our bondsmen in Coryell, Hill, and McClennan counties to regain control of the situation. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year ready to take your call!

How to Address Active Warrants in Waco

Taking prompt action on an arrest warrant can spare you from undue stress and financial strain. Here’s a closer look at what you should do when facing active arrest warrants.

Post a Bond

With a bail bond, you’ll pay only a fraction of your total bail and commit to attending your court date, eliminating the need to spend time in jail before your trial. Compliance with all bail rules means you won’t have to reimburse us for the bail amount we covered. Missing court dates can lead to your arrest, repayment of the bail amount, and additional fees. Our bondsmen send regular reminders to help you stay on track. Completing paperwork for you in under 30 minutes, we can post bail and get you or your loved one out seamlessly. Don’t wait another second!

Consult with a Defense Attorney

The money saved by not paying the entire bail amount can be allocated to hiring a defense attorney who can help you win your case. If possible, invest in a capable attorney who can dedicate more time to your case, improving your chances of a successful outcome.

Bail Bonds for Active Warrants in McLennan County

If you find yourself facing an arrest warrant in McLennan County, don’t hesitate to contact Chapman’s Bail Bonds in Waco, Texas. Our main office can be reached at 254-855-9885. We offer 24/7 service with warrant bail bonds for both felony and misdemeanor offenses. Servicing the Waco area, our bondsmen possess a comprehensive understanding of the justice system and maintain valuable connections within local jails and detention centers to expedite the release process. Your peace of mind and freedom are our priorities. Contact us today!

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