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Marlin, Texas

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Marlin, Texas, get in touch with Chapman’s Bail Bonds right away. Our bondsmen work around the clock all year long to grant people speedy releases. We understand that people make mistakes and we are here to help give you a second chance. Our team keeps all of your information confidential and we are here to assist you in every step of the bail process. Our bondsmen are ready to answer any questions that arise along the way and will send regular reminders of your court date(s) to keep you on track. If you need bail bonds in Marlin, Texas, give our team a call or fill out our online form.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a way for a defendant to pay bail in order to get released from jail and await trial at home. A bondsman grants you this bail bond when you pay a small premium fee. This is usually 10% of the bail amount. The bail bond company pays the court the rest of your bail amount, and if you show up to all of the court dates/trial, the company gets their money back.

Why Do Defendants Get Bail Bonds in Marlin, Texas?

So, why hire a bondsman to pay for your bail? Depending on the offense, the court may set your bail amount very high. Bail needs to be paid upfront and in cash. Most people can’t afford to pay for the full amount in cash, so they seek out a bail bond company that can do it for them. When you are arrested, all of your belongings are taken and documented, and if you have large sums of money the court may take it as evidence. So, many people can’t rely on the cash they have and most courts don’t accept other methods of payment other than bail bonds.

Chapman’s Bail Bonds services Marlin, Texas, and beyond. If you can’t afford your bail, just give our team a call. We will pay for it–all you need to do is pay a small percentage of the bail amount for our service.

Crime Rate in Marlin, Texas

The crime index in Marlin, Texas, is 27. This means that Marlin is 27% safer than the rest of the U.S. cities. However, 100% is the safest, so as you can see crime is pretty high still. Annually, there are about 38 violent crimes and 74 property crimes. The authorities are always on high alert, so if you make a mistake, you can land yourself in jail. If that’s the case, get in touch with Chapman’s Bail Bonds right away.

Get a Speedy Release 

If you need fast and affordable bail bonds in Marlin, Texas, don’t hesitate to call Chapman’s. We are always ready to help. We have been servicing Waco and McLennan County for over 20 years. Our team will help you navigate through this stressful time. Let’s get you home as quickly as possible!

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